Jeremy Iannuzzelli

Jeremy Iannuzzelli

Founding Partner, Accounting

About Jeremy Iannuzzelli

With over 12 years of experience, dealing with small to medium business enterprises. I have learned to channel my focus in the niche market of property investment. Dealing with many property investors, I am able to create effective tax structures in line with the goals and objectives of my clients.

I am also an enthusiastic property investor holding many properties in my portfolio implementing a combination of strategies. My aim is to motivate people in the area of wealth creation in conjunction with tax minimisation structures and strategies. Currently I engage with many investors mentoring them not only in tax but a balanced strategy for them to acquire and hold more wealth helping them well into retirement.

My passion of wanting to help people, has provided me the platform to not only manage a successful accounting practice but own and operate one as well.

Always willing to go that extra mile has seen me present in various seminars, attend as a special guest to share my story, act as an in house accountant providing guidance to members, but most of all allowed me to help people in various ways to achieve there financial freedom through correct tax structures.

Recently my knowledge on business has seen me open up my own sports store which is also another passion of mine. With effective techniques gained through my experience as an accountant I am able to provide the open public with quality sporting equipment and clothing.

If you would like to get in touch with me – please do call me on 0410 132 946