Stephen James

Stephen James

Partner, Financial Planning

Authorised Representative of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd AFSL No.229892

About Stephen James

My greatest passion in life is my family. Married with two beautiful children, my wish is to try to create a life of joy and happiness for my family and enable them to see their dreams come true.

So, with the shock of a major health scare in my immediate family, I made the decision to sell my very successful financial planning business that I had spent years building, but you do what it takes to achieve your goals and objectives; it was our dream – to travel the world together as a family.

I was lucky, I had listened to my own advice, the same advice that I had been providing my clients for some time; advice that was now keeping my family and our finances in good shape due to some careful planning many years prior.

We returned from our family adventure, the trip of a lifetime and our doctors were able to provide us with a medical solution, which we continue to manage each day. It also allowed me to have a clear vision for my family and let me start again in the business of being a financial adviser.

I feel so privileged to have faced such a significant event with my family and be blessed with a positive outcome. It was such a relief knowing that we had that security and peace of mind when we needed it most.

What I understand is that dreams are important when you face a crisis. It is my desire to help the people I work with make smart financial decisions that will help them reach their dreams. I want for my clients that same sense of security for themselves and their families that I was fortunate enough to experience.

It makes me feel incredibly happy to be able to guide my clients on their own journey, knowing that I have played a part and provide them with the knowledge and belief that everything will be alright, as it has been for my own family.

The future looks bright and my experience is that dreams are possible and I get up each day knowing that I’m helping people make their dreams come true.

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