We’re focussed on contributing to your business growth.

We truly do understand the journey that successful business owners experience. Having started from a single person accounting practice, we became a fast growing company that is now a top-100 firm with five offices in N.S.W., another on the Gold Coast, and an office in the Philippines.

At KHI Partners we really do practice what we preach. Over the years, our service offerings have grown to now include accounting, financial and wealth planning, legal services, residential, commercial and business lending, property development and bookkeeping. Furthermore, we’ve contributed to the success of over 16,000 clients across Australia.

We consider our clients as life-long partners – partners in their growth. We understand that client requirements far surpass merely best-practice professional compliance. As a result, we strive to give the very best advice and support possible as part of our commitment to go the extra mile for our clients and be there for you, when you need us most.

Protecting and maximising your wealth is vital.

Maximising your wealth goes hand-in-hand with protecting it. And it’s not just about aiming to deliver the best possible outcome for you right now. Our focus at KHI Partners is to optimise and protect your wealth for you, your family, and for future generations.

We work with over 16,000 clients. Those we assist include a mix of individuals, families, business owners, property owners, investors and entrepreneurs, along with high net worth and ultra-high net wealth individuals and families. We also look after the often complex financial needs of large corporate entities and multinational corporations.

Our property experts walk the talk.

The team at KHI Partners is arguably one of the country’s leading expert property groups. Many individuals and companies within the property industry, including successful investors and large developers, look to us for advice and assistance, due to our in-depth knowledge and experience in the property and wealth creation space.

Some of the areas in which KHI Partners can help you with property include:

  • Accounting services
  • Buying and selling advice
  • Conveyancing
  • Estate planning
  • Financial advice
  • Financing and refinancing
  • First home owner grants, incentives and initiatives
  • Property portfolio strategies
  • Taxation services.

Safeguard your wealth for future generations.

Sometimes it’s not just about us. It’s often about those who we love and making sure that they are well looked after. Ensuring that they don’t lose out due to incomplete or incorrect planning can make a huge difference, as if it is not done well, there can be generational implications.

The KHI Partners team has specialists who are experts at safeguarding your financial position, so that those who will follow you can benefit from the prosperity that you have worked so hard to achieve. Start planning today and book an appointment to speak to one of our friendly team.

A clear roadmap for succession and exit planning.

If you have a business or have wealth-generating assets including property, planning and structuring your succession now can save you a lot of money as well as a lot of pain, stress and headaches later on.

In some cases, without a well-structured succession or exit plan, you could end up with a whole lot less than you really deserve. So it’s best to plan now and put in place a water-tight roadmap that will be able to deal with issues that may arise in the future. Contact us for an appointment.

Count on us for leading taxation and structuring advice.

With some of the country’s best tax advisors as part of our team, KHI Partners is able to help and advise you, focusing on your specific tax situation. We assist individuals across varying circumstances, business owners, as well as managers and their families, retirees, right through to billionaire families.

Whatever your individual situation, we’re here to help you. Our people are highly-skilled and right up to date on legislative changes and their implications, along with the latest wealth structuring opportunities. Contact us for an appointment.

We have an ongoing commitment to contributing to others.

KHI Partners has always been involved with giving its time and resources pro bono to those who need it most. At its core, KHI Partners believes in helping others and contributing to people’s lives.

From the internal team to its partners, to its clients and even to charities, such as, Dana Asia, and its very own initiative – The Khan Foundation, KHI Partners proudly supports life changing education programs and health initiatives in Africa, Bangladesh and South East Asia.

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