So They Can is an international not-for-profit organisation, and a registered charity, that creates a sustainable impact in partnership with communities, their governments, and partners around the world to deliver high-quality education for children in impoverished circumstances.

KHI Partners plays an active role in supporting the organisation, its schools, community projects and endeavours. The firm has been involved in So They Can’s governance, fundraising and travelling as well as being directly engaged in a number of communities in Kenya and Tanzania to help those in need.

The charity works to educate and empower, so they can break the poverty cycle, help kids realise their own potential, and help raise them up to be able to meet their own needs. This ensures that the model is sustainable and meets the critical needs of the communities the charity partners with.

As of late 2023, So They Can:

  • Educates 1,080 children at Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya
  • Provides a nurturing home for 120 orphaned and vulnerable children at the Miti Mingi Village
  • Educates and provides loans to women facing extreme poverty through the Micro Finance Business School
  • Supports a community medical centre that services the wider Nakuru community of 20,000 people
  • Operates a Teacher Training College in a remote rural area of Tanzania
  • Has formed an Education Collaborative with four schools in Tanzania providing access to better education for over 1,900 children
  • Works together with local communities to establish numerous social businesses to create jobs and generate funds.

So They Can is fully accredited by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, (DFAT) responsible for managing the Australian Government’s Development Program. This is a significant recognition, given that less than 1% of Australia’s 60,000 charities are awarded full accreditation.

This accreditation acknowledges that they operate at the highest standard, and are a professional, well-managed, community-based organisation delivering sustainable development outcomes.

Visit to find out more about their projects and how you can get involved.