The Khan Foundation – giving back to make big leaps forward.

The Khan Foundation Limited (ABN 43 659 519 892) is a registered Australian charity that invests in the sustainable development of businesses, medical facilities and community groups that help communities around the world – including in Kenya, Tanzania, the Philippines and Cambodia.

The Khan Foundation Limited is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). This means that when a donor makes a gift or contribution to a DGR endorsed charity, they may be able to claim a tax deduction.

The Khan Foundation was created by Munzurul and Purabi Khan, who have dedicated their lives to contributing to others – in business, in education, and in several not-for-profit organisations.

The Khan Foundation’s Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide education and health services to underserved communities, with a focus on improving the lives of the poor. We believe access to quality education and healthcare is a fundamental human right, and we are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering individuals and communities through the availability and accessibility of these essential services. We also strive to work with communities to bring clean and safe drinking water to remote communities in developing countries.

Through our work, we aim to address the systematic barriers that prevent the poor from accessing education and healthcare. We advocate for policy changes, engage in community outreach, and foster partnerships with other organisations to maximise the impact. We believe in the power of collaboration and collective action to create sustainable change.

In healthcare, we are dedicated to ensuring that every individual, regardless of their financial means, has access to essential medical services. We collaborate with local healthcare providers and established not-for-profit charities on the ground to deliver primary healthcare, preventative care, antenatal and postnatal care, health education, and we organise medical camps to reach remote communities in the developing world.

In education, we strive to create equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their socio-economic background. We work towards building and supporting schools in impoverished areas, providing resources, and implementing innovative teaching methods.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower individuals and communities to break free from the cycle of poverty, enabling them to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. We are driven by compassion, integrity, and a deep commitment to social justice. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where education and healthcare are accessible to all, regardless of their economic circumstances.

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