We’re helping Dana Asia help empower the impoverished in SE Asia.

Dana Asia is a medium sized charity that is passionate about empowering communities within South East Asia with life-changing solutions to overcome inequality and poverty. A particular focus is on supporting young women and girls, and all of their projects strive to keep sustainability and the circular economy, front-and-centre.

This not-for-profit organisation has worked tirelessly to serve marginalised communities in Asia since 2011. They offer a wealth of experience in on-the-ground social impact, investment and project development, and advisory and management services. They provide all of this for philanthropists, family foundations, and companies wishing to drive their corporate social responsibility, environmental social governance and community engagement initiatives.

Dana Asia strives to be a global leader in social business, guiding the design and launch of sustainable businesses led by empowered local people from marginalised backgrounds. The purpose of a social business is not solely to generate a monetary profit. Instead, these entities prioritise creating a positive social and environmental impact on people and communities while still achieving financial viability.

As catalysts for economic and social inclusivity, the organisation believes sustainable change cannot be achieved without the power of education – therefore, creating education opportunities, especially for the next generation, is at the core of everything the charity does. They help donors with the capital and commitment to make a difference in Asia and their advisory services are available to individuals, families, private wealth advisors and companies.

Dana Asia’s expertise and experience in the Asian region enables them to identify projects where there will be a visible social impact and social return on investment. The charity’s services can also be accessed by grantmaking foundations and their advisors in Australia, Europe and the United States. They provide customised research, due diligence, plus monitoring and evaluation for grantmakers investing in Asia.

KHI Partners is involved in the governance of Dana Asia as well as providing hands-on help with the communities served and projects conducted by Dana Asia globally. We’re proud and honoured to be a part of this important non-profit organisation that is changing lives around the world.

Visit www.danaasia.org to find out more about their projects and how you can get involved.