About Brian Fisher

Brian is a seasoned qualified Chartered Accountant with a wide range of expertise in assisting small, medium, large and international corporations. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and possesses a broad range of skills across accounting with more than three decades of experience.

Brian has the ability to understand information provided by clients and give them sound advice on business and taxation matters. He also is able to implement systems to make the business process simple, smooth, efficient and relevant.

Over the years Brian has developed a solid understanding of the needs of the client and provides them with details of an external consultant who will be able to provide help and any advice the client requires. He is also involved in the design, establishment and monitoring of internal systems, has experience in investigating money laundering, and is the relationship partner with the regulating authority in the UK.

In July 2018, Brian became a registered ICAEW Business and Financial Professional. In June 2019, he was appointed to the ICAEW Appeal Committee.

Brian is committed to giving back, and he is actively involved in the charity sector, including over 30 years of service with the Scout Association. His role as Scout Commissioner comes with the responsibility of training adult volunteers in North West London.