Darren Michalski

Darren Michalski

General Manager, UK

About Darren Michalski

Darren commenced as General Manager of the UK division of KHI Partners in October 2023 after a twenty-year career in corporate businesses holding senior leadership roles.

With over two decades of experience in international distribution, marketing, product and services placement, plus tailored business strategy, Darren is passionate about helping individuals and business owners achieve their goals and optimise their outcomes.

He specialises in leadership, team management and business strategy, all focused on providing first-class client service. Darren has successfully developed, managed and delivered high-end services across various sectors, regions and countries. Darren has worked alongside many international start-ups for private equity sale or opening on major global financial stock exchanges. He is a proven leader who strives to go the extra mile for clients and contribute to their success.