Max Pagnin

Max Pagnin

Partner, Financial Planning

About Max Pagnin

Many people these days are too busy making money & don’t have the time to think about how to make the best use of the money they earn. Do you buy an investment property or shares? Put extra money on your home loan or into super?

We work with you to help you grow your wealth & plan for the future. We also help you put in place a robust safety net to protect you & your family should disaster strike in the form of an accident, serious illness or untimely death.

We work within your budget to devise a cost-effective plan which is tailored to your particular circumstances, your personal aspirations & dreams.

When we partner with you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll have a long-term plan in place that will allow you to reach your financial goals & provide security for you & your family. You’ll also have comfort in knowing your loved ones are protected financially & are able to keep the family home if disaster strikes unexpectedly.

My passion for helping people is what led me towards the financial planning industry, following 6 years as an accountant for one of Sydney’s leading private schools.

In my 16 years as a financial planner I’ve been able to help all types of people, from everyday mums & dads, executives, property investors & small business owners.

I love working with genuine people who appreciate the importance of honesty & independence in the advice process, and would love to form a long-term business relationship built on mutual trust & respect, rather than a one-off transaction.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing my clients achieve their long-term goals, knowing that I’ve made a positive difference in their lives. Family is important to me: helping your family become financially independent is what I enjoy the most about my profession.