Munzurul Khan

Munzurul Khan

Chairman & Founding Partner, Accounting

About Munzurul Khan

As a Chartered Accountant, Munzurul specialises in compliance and strategic accounting advisory services acquired through three decades of professional experience. Before founding KHI Partners he held a number of senior management roles at PwC and BDO Australia. With an entrepreneurial mind, Munzurul’s experiences are expressed through financial and commercial acumen for SMEs, multinational businesses, and high net wealth family groups.

Munzurul is widely regarded as a leading thought leader and keynote speaker of property investment strategies and implementation in Australia. With a distinguished presence in both medical practice and dental associations, Munzurul is also recognised as a stalwart of knowledge and expertise in the field of accounting and tax matters specific to healthcare.

He is currently involved with various commercial Boards in Australia including:

  • Chair & Founding Partner, KHI Partners
  • Chair, So They Can
  • Chair, Dana Asia
  • Chair, The Khan Foundation
  • Ex-Board Member of Grameen Australia.

His qualifications include:

  • Member of the ICAA
  • Master of Commerce
  • Public Practitioner
  • Justice of the Peace
  • ASIC SMSF Auditor
  • Others